Equipment: Should I buy or rent my guitar or ukulele?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Buy or Rent

On Renting or Purchasing a Guitar 

A lot of folks have tons of questions in terms of what to do when braving the waters in terms of how to buy a guitar. Most of our clients call us and ask for advice when it comes to that time. So it seemed like a good idea to create a resource for you that could answer all of your questions.

Now, I’ll be upfront here: If you are thinking of purchasing an entry level guitar, you ought to buy it from me, especially if it’s your child’s first guitar.

I am a Washburn Dealer so I buy it direct from the factory, but I don’t have to pay all of the overhead of having a store front, etc. I carry a single guitar and it comes with a case. I am not in the instrument retail business. I am in the education business.

Carrying guitars for sale merely enables me to have more students. I have found that this guitar finds the absolute best balance of quality to price for this age group and I guarantee the best price satisfaction.

If you are interested, please email either Mr. Kai or Mr. Todd for a price.



Washburn C40 Classical Guitar Series

Oscar Schmidt OU1CBL Concert Ukulele

On Purchasing a Ukulele 


  • Concert Size
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Basswood Construction
  • 14-3/4″ Scale Length
  • Longer 18 Fret Neck
  • Light Blue Finish
  • Geared Tuners
  • Model: OU1CB

***Kids will not be able to choose color, sorry

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