Founded in 2005, our passion is teaching students the fundamentals of music: how to read music notation and understand basic music theory. 

We use the ukulele and guitar as tools to get them to that end.


We built our curriculum from scratch, written and published by our founder Mr. Kai. We have three volumes: Ukulele, Beginning Guitar, and Advanced Guitar. Nearly every year we edit and revise our book specifically for the needs of our students.


Our students perform twice a year in northern Orange County with the annual Jingle Jam holiday show and our year end Spring Epic. Guitar students perform with a full band.

Our Staff

Our teachers have been hand chosen for their music education background, years of teaching experience, and serious passion for music.

Mr Kai

Founder and Director of Tritone Music Academy

Growing up, I took violin, piano and trumpet lessons before teaching myself guitar at age 13. I attended the Berklee College of Music to follow my true calling.

My music career let me tour the country with my band. After that, I set up Tritone Music Academy with the help of Susan Fendell, the now-retired Principal of Golden Hill elementary, and created the program that we have today.

I believe that small group classes and a passion for music are the powerhouse for excellence, and our program reflects that. Thanks to our small, but invested, team, we’ve been changing lives since 2005.

Mr Todd

Operations Manager/Team Leader

I first started studying guitar at age 10. I graduated from college with a degree in music and eventually graduated with honors from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I went on to lots of recording and touring with different original rock bands, which in turn led me to becoming a Fender endorsed artist. I still perform and record with my band, when I’m not busy teaching.

Mr Surenna

Team Leader

I was introduced to the art of music at the age of 9. My interest in contemporary harmony of flamenco music has led me in recent years to continue my studies at CalArts, as well as CSU Dominguez Hills.Today I continue to share the music I love with others by restlessly teaching, writing, recording, and performing in Los Angeles.

Mr. Francisco

Guitar & Ukulele Teacher

I started studying guitar at the age of 13 while living in Perú, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Music and Performance from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. I then continued my studies at the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain. Since moving to California, I’ve been working as a studio musician, performer, and producer, but my real passion is teaching.

Mr. John Michael

Guitar & Ukulele Teacher

My musical journey started when I was 10 when I got my first guitar. I started taking lessons through Tritone Music and continued with them until high school. I eventually started teaching for Tritone Music. I continue to study the instrument, and at one point, dove head first into blues music, which has shaped most of my playing and teaching style. It even has led me to win a blues guitar competition in LA County.

Mr. Jimmy

Guitar & Ukulele Teacher

My obsession with music first began when I was 12 and picked up the guitar for the very first time. After high school I attended the Musicians Institute. I have a wide range of musical interests and have experience playing guitar in many genres. My goals for all my students, regardless of skill level, is to teach them the fundamentals of music, how to emulate artists they like, how to improvise, and how to write their own music.

Tritone’s School District Affiliates

We work with the following school districts, which is why we’re Southern California’s leading after school music program.