What is the difference between group lessons or online lessons?
Group lessons are on school campuses only offered to the specific schools where we are contracted in specific districts. Online lessons are one-on-one via Zoom open to everyone and anywhere.
Why only ukulele and guitar?
We can accommodate other specific instruments: Bass, Drums, and Singing in the online lessons context, but we focus on ukulele and guitar because we believe that these two stringed, fretted instruments provide the best balance between: harmonic instrument, melodic instrument, portability, affordability, and ease of play. Hence why we believe they are the best instruments to bring our students to the goal of being literate musicians.
Can I get group lessons at my school or district if Tritone is not present?
Yes, please email us directly about this: office@tritoneacademy.com
What is PRB?
It stands for Project Rock Band, our summer rock-n-roll boot camp where we put students in bands and teach them how to play and perform rock songs. Students can choose to play guitar, drums, bass, or sing.
Do all students get to perform in all Tritone Music performances?
Yes, any student, online or in our after school program, that wants to participate in a performance can. Our performances are in northern Orange County area, so it’s just a matter of how far a student wants to travel to participate in a show.

Online Lessons

What program do you use for these lessons?

We use either Zoom or Facetime (Facetime will depend specifically with your teacher)

When and how will my student receive the Zoom link for their lesson?

The teacher will send Zoom links earlier in the day, the day of their lesson.

Are there lessons on holidays?

Yes, we will have lessons on holidays, if you can’t make the lesson on that particular day, please contact your teacher directly to reschedule your lesson to another day for that week. However, we will not have lessons on Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, or New Years day and we will not provide make-ups for these holidays.

On Campus Group Lessons

How long does the program last for?

Our program mirrors the school year, so basically from late August to end of May.

Do you have any performances for my student to participate in?

Yes, we have the Jingle Jam in December and the Year End Epic at the end of May for guitar students. Ukulele students have the Ukulele Luau at the end of May.

Do you offer lessons for any other instruments besides ukulele and guitar?

No, we do not. However, we do have a summer camp called Project Rock Band where students play together in bands and they can choose to play guitar, bass, drums, or sing where we teach them to play and perform popular rock songs.

How long is each group lesson per week?

We offer two schedules, depending on the school and enrollment, we either have two 30 minute lessons each week or one hour lesson per week. Either way kids will get one hour of instruction each week.

Are the classes right after school?

Yes and No, depending on the school and enrollment, your student’s class could be right after school or 2 hours after school. We usually don’t know until after the first class once we see how many students are actually enrolled.

Will my student be grouped with other students at the same level?

Yes, we group kids by experience, so beginners will be together, 2nd year students will be together, ect. This is the reason why we have to have our scheduling the way it is.

Does my student need to bring their instrument to class every week?

Yes, schools will usually allow kids to store them somewhere during regular school hours.

My student has an electric guitar, can he use that for lessons?

Unfortunately not, we only have students use acoustic style guitars.

My student forgot their instrument at home the day of their lesson and I can’t get it to them. What should I do?

All our teachers bring their own instruments to use during classes, so your student can use the teacher’s for that day.

How much does group guitar/ukulele lessons cost?

The cost depends on the school your student attends. Please see the marketing material that was distributed at your student’s particular school or email us at office@tritoneacademy.com

Invoices and Tuition

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the first week of each month.

How do I know how much to pay each month?

You’ll receive an invoice via email on the 1st of every month.

How do I pay my invoice each month?

Mail check made to Tritone Music to P.O. Box 6578 Fullerton, Ca., or pay online on our website, www.tritoneacademy.com, click “current students” in the top right corner.

Do you accept Venmo?

No we do not, Venmo is not designed for business transactions.

What if I miss a monthly payment?

We would need you to bring your account up to date the following month, which would include payment for the previous month and the current month. If payment is still delinquent after 45 days your student will no longer be able to participate in lessons.

How do I check my account to see if I owe or what I’ve paid?

Email the office at office@tritoneacademy.com with “Account Inquiry” in the subject. Include the name of the student in the email body please.

Do you prorate lessons if my student misses their lesson?

No, we do not prorate any lessons, especially if your student is in our on campus group guitar lessons. However, if your student is taking online lessons and you give us 24 hour written notice that you’ll be missing a lesson you can schedule a makeup lesson with your teacher for that missed lesson.

Do you prorate monthly tuition if my student doesn’t start in your program the first week of the month?

Yes, this is the only time we’ll prorate tuition.

Is tuition discounted for months with holidays in them?

No, we’ll do make ups for one day holidays. For Thanksgiving, Winter break, and Spring break where students have a week or more off of school we will not do make ups. Think of tuition like a car payment, the amount is the same regardless of how much you drive your car. However, it all evens out because some months your student will receive 5 lessons in a month and we will not charge you more for those months.


Do you provide instruments?

Yes, you can purchase a ukulele w/case from us for $65 incl. tax or a classical guitar w/case for $145 incl. Tax.

Can I rent an instrument from you?

Yes, however, we only rent guitars for our on campus group lessons. It’s a rent to own program. You pay $20 per month and after 9 months of payments the guitar is yours to keep.

My student broke a string on their instrument, what should I do?

You can either take it to a local music store and they can change it (they’ll probably charge you), or there are tons of Youtube that show how to change strings on either your guitar or ukulele. Strings can be purchased at said music store or Amazon.

What type of guitar should I buy?

We suggest a classical style guitar over a steel string dreadnought style guitar because on a full size classical guitar the body is smaller than a dreadnought style and a classical guitar uses nylon strings which are a little easier on the fingers than on a steel string dreadnought style.

My student’s instrument is out of tune, what should I do?

You can use a free tuning app and tune it yourself, just go to Youtube and watch a video on how to do it. Your student’s teacher will also tune their instrument at the beginning of every lesson.